New Holland Tractors

The agricultural sector is considered the backbone of the economy in Kenya as it contributes largely to the GDP of the country. 16% of the total land area in Kenya has high agriculture potential and is made capable of ample farming. Farmers there are engaged in both small-scale farmings of crops and mass food production for the purpose of exporting various products to other countries. Kenya is exporting tea, cut flowers, coffee, and vegetables as its major agricultural exports right now; with being a leading exporter of tea and cut flowers around the globe. Farmers in Kenya implement best practices in their farms to increase the production and quality of the crops. It is a common observation that nowadays farmers in Kenya and in almost every part of the world are keen to employ modern methods of agriculture for growing profitable crops able to contribute fundamentally to the economic growth of their country.
New Holland tractors represent the most appropriate and technologically advanced tractor equipment for the farmers in Kenya to use in their farms and get desirable results. New Holland Tractor brand is globally recognized and is rated among the five top tractor manufacturers around the world who offer the producers of cash crops and livestock farmers easy to operate tractors, harvest and farm implements, and other farm equipment. New Holland tractors for sale in Kenya are aimed at providing the farmers in Kenya with more productive, high-quality, and cost-effective farm machinery to make their work easier and pleasant. With a wide range of product lines including 50 – 85 HP tractors and farm implements, the New Holland Tractor brand is considered a reliable partner for farmers in Kenya.

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