New Holland 480S 55hp Tractors for sale in Kenya

Model / Type: New Holland 480S
Horse Power: 55hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color: Orange


Wondering where to find export-quality farm tractors in Kenya? Tractors PK Kenya, is your trusted and reliable tractor dealer in Kenya, offering economical and versatile tractors for sale for your everyday agricultural operations. We offer competitive tractor prices in Kenya, to combat agricultural stress and promote agricultural expansion.

Tractors and their co-dependence

Agricultural assets are of great value with respect to the economy and mass food production, which is why Kenyan agriculture is codependent on tractors and related farm equipment. New Holland Tractors are categorized as quality tractors for their exceptional agricultural and industrial performance. These tractors can simplify farming operations, through the timely execution of a variety of hardcore agricultural operations, such as cultivation, harvesting, ploughing, reaping, tilling, etc.

New Holland 480S 55hp

One of the spectacular and five-star ranking tractors, widely used in multiple farming operations, is known as the New Holland 480S 55hp. This tractor is not only an eco-friendly and affordable tractor but is known for its dynamic potential and decade-long reliability. The on-field credibility of this farm tractor for sale is undisputable, owing to the tremendous flywheel 55 HP engine power and hydro-assisted power steering wheel, provided with an independent and unique circuit. The 54 L fuel tank along with the dry type of dual plate clutch stimulates the smooth working of the tractor both on and off-terrain.

Technical features of New Holland 480S 55hp

The New Holland 480S 55hp is smartly curated, keeping in mind, the farming requirements of a Kenyan farmer. This tractor features hydrostatic transmission, excellent fuel economy, replaceable fuel filters, an upholstered parallelogram suspension seat, and 1540 kg of maximum lifting capacity. Being a rugged and 4WD tractor makes this farm tractor for sale in Kenya compatible with a variety of farms, from small to medium. Conclusively, the New Holland 480S 55hp is a great solution to every agricultural problem.


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