New Holland Al Ghazi 65hp Tractors for Sale in Kenya

Model / Type: New Holland Ghazi
Horse Power: 65hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color: Orange


Tired of obligating everyday agricultural chores manually? Need a durable solution? Tractors PK Kenya offers multiple categories of tractors for sale in Kenya, to help you ease your agricultural stress.

Quality tractors designed to meet your expectations

New Holland Tractors, the agricultural legacy continues. Investing in a New Holland Tractor is pretty much wiser since this tractor has impressive attributes as per the farmers’ needs. Not only is a New Holland Tractor cost-effective and practical, but this tractor can ace agricultural chores in every soil type, from damp to paddy, your agricultural chores are now sorted.

New Holland Al Ghazi 65hp

The most affordable and functionally wealthy tractor of all New Holland Tractors is the New Holland Al Ghazi 65hp. This tractor is safe and inexpensive and comes with a genuine warranty period. With a flywheel engine type of 65 hp and an operating weight of 1785 Kg, this tractor can feasibly perform in several-acre farmland. The engine can suffice the hydraulic lifts up to 1650 Kg while producing maximum torque of 234 Nm.

The enlarged wheel radius abides by stronger grip requirements.  The hood of the body of provided with a single hinged cover and the front grill is removable for better access. The driver is pretty safe and comfortable inside the New Holland Al Ghazi 65hp due to the presence of;

  • Dry type of dual plate clutch
  • Synchromesh type of 8-gear transmission
  • Cushioned yet adjustable spring suspension seat
  • Power steering, provided with an independent working circuit
  • Dry type of mechanically controlled brakes

This 65-powered farm tractor for sale can adhere to a vast type of farm equipment, expanding the circumference of its agricultural applications. Furthermore, driving a New Holland AL Ghazi Tractor is quite easy, making it an ideal investment for Kenyan farmers. You can get this and many versatile farm tractors at exclusive prices in Kenya, only at our tractor dealers.


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