New Holland 70-56 85hp Tractors for Sale in Kenya

Model / Type: New Holland 70-56
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color: Red

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Invest in New Holland Tractors right away, from Tractors PK Kenya, and thank us later for innumerable agricultural benefits at such exciting prices.

Agricultural benefits

Undeniably farm tractors serve countless agricultural benefits to farmers globally. Farm tractors for sale, are known to ease the agricultural processes in the long run while maximizing the output ratios without subsequent labor. Besides, the tractors are a one-time investment, and once invested, yield durable and profitable results for years. For a better understanding and maximum optimization of agricultural tools, you can get in touch with our Kenyan tractor dealers now.

New Holland Tractors

New Holland Tractors are resilient farm tractors that require minimal maintenance to continue their spectacular agricultural performance. These tractors, despite requiring lesser fuel, are able to deliver accurate and result-driven outcomes. From their designs to the engine, each part of New Holland Tractor strictly aligns with functional dimensions.

New Holland 70-56 85hp

The 85 hp New Holland 70-56 is a dynamic and all-rounder tractor that can be easily accessed at comparable prices in Kenya, only at Tractors PK Kenya. The flywheel diesel engine and mighty body of 2600 Kg, elevate the tractor’s efficiency while maintaining its traction. This 2WD tractor features a hydrostatic power steering and displacement capacity of 3908 cc. The maximum torque produced at 1500 rpm is measured to be 265 Nm. For continual engine performance, this farm tractor is supplied with several cooling attributes, including, a water cooler radiant and oil-cooled disc brakes.

To assist the driver, the synchromesh transmission features 8-speed, a cerametallic dual-clutch, a hydraulic system with lift-o-matic technology, and mechanically actuated wet disc brakes.

The tractor driver receives maximum comfort owing to shock absorbers and an adjustable deluxe suspension parallelogram driver seat.

Agricultural applications

The usage of New Holland 70-56 85 hp is pretty diverse as it is easily compatible with PTO-driven agricultural machinery in addition to farm equipment, such as dis plows, harrows, water pumps, threshers, etc. In commercial and industrial landscapes too, the efficiency of NH 70-56 is quite undisputable.

For a number of tilling, hauling, and cultivating activities, New Holland 70-56 85 hp is considerably used by a large number of Kenyan farmers.


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