Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Specification
Capacity 3 – 20 Tons
Lower Channel 7×3 – 10 x 3
Length 52” – 56”
Outer Die 5” – 7”
Wall Thickness 3”/8”
Quantity 2 – 4 Tires

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A hydraulic tipping trailer is a kind of farm implement that provides an economical means of transportation at farms. At Tractors PK this farm implement for sale in Kenya is made available to ensure maximum profitability for Kenyan farmers. It is a heavy-duty farm implement able to perform many tasks at a time. This farm implement comes in 4, 5, 8, to 10-ton capacities with swinging rear and front tailgates that help in loading, tipping, and unloading. A hydraulic tipping trailer is able to lift more than 70 bales at one time. This farm implement is easy to operate, has low maintenance, is cost-effective, and has a robust design to make the work of farmers easier for them.