New Holland Dabung 85hp Tractors for Sale in Kenya

Model / Type: New Holland Dabung
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color: Red

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New Holland Dabung 85 HP Tractor for Kenya

New Holland Dabung 85 HP Tractor has made a significant impact in the agriculture sector, particularly in Kenya. Esteemed for its power, efficiency, and durability, the Dabung model is a preferred choice among many farmers. This article provides a detailed overview of the New Holland Dabung 85 HP Tractor and its prices in Kenya.

NH Dabung 85 HP Tractor

The New Holland Dabung 85 HP Tractor is a robust agricultural machine, equipped with a powerful 3.9 diesel, 4-cylinder engine. It’s one of the most potent tractors available in Africa, offering excellent performance for various farming tasks.

Features and Specifications

The Dabung 85 HP Tractor boasts numerous features that make it an ideal choice for farmers.

  • Powerful Engine: The tractor is powered by a 3.9L diesel engine with 4 cylinders, providing an impressive 85 horsepower.
  • Versatility: The tractor is versatile and compact, making it perfect for a variety of tasks around the farm.
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering: This feature makes the tractor easier to control and maneuver, providing a smoother driving experience.

New Holland Dabung Tractor Prices in Kenya

While specific prices are not explicitly mentioned in the search results, several sources mention that the New Holland Dabung 85 HP Tractor is available at a discounted price or affordable rate in Kenya. For the most accurate pricing information, potential customers are advised to contact local dealers or visit the official New Holland website.

The New Holland Dabung 85 HP Tractor continues to be a popular choice among Kenyan farmers thanks to its power, versatility, and affordability. With its strong engine and useful features, it offers excellent value for money, making it a worthy investment for those in the agricultural sector.


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