Bed Maker

Technical Specifications of a Bed Maker
• Mouldboard length: 1.25 m
• Overall width: 2.20 m
• Overall weight: 305 Kg
• Bund height: 0.5 m
• Bund width: 1.0 m
• Frame dimensions in mm: 100x100x5
• Mouldboard angle: 5 adjustable positions
• Tractor compatibility: 50 HP


Product Overview
A bed maker forms bunds and raised beds and is available at Tractors PK, along with other high quality farm implements in Africa. Bunds are created for providing appropriate space and shape for crops. They also prevent soil erosion and aid in water irrigation.
Uses and Benefits of a Bed Maker
• It forms bunds for water irrigation
• Prevents soil erosion
• It sows crops
• Its disc angles can be adjusted as required
• Its cutting edges can be adjusted according to a farmer’s requirement
Usage in Kenya
African farmers use bed makers to create bunds for a better water flow management and to create beds for sowing crops. It also helps African farmers prevent their soil from eroding. You can purchase your brand new bed maker at Tractors Pk, the leading tractor company in Africa.


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