Laser Land Leveler

Technical Specifications of a Laser Land Leveller
• Width of blade: 6 ft./7ft.
• Bucket height: 2 ft.
• Overall height: 8 ft.
• Overall length: 11.5-12.0 feet
• Weight: 770 Kg – 810 Kg
• Ground clearance: 250 mm
• Tyre size: 6.00-16


Product Overview
A laser land leveller is used for bringing flatness to a land. It levels lands with high precision and accuracy. It is a tractor mounted implement that is used for sloped or irrigated lands.
Uses and Benefits of a Laser Land Leveller
• Saves irrigation time and improves crop yields
• Reduces farm waste
• Laser land levelling is a recent resource conservation technology that improves resource-use efficiency
• It does not disturb the eco-system
• Laser land levelling technology has several direct and indirect advantages
Usage in Kenya
Laser land levelling is a recent and modern technology that is yet to be adopted by several developing and underdeveloped countries. African farmers can derive several benefits and improve their soil quality and productivity by investing in a laser land leveller available at Tractors PK.


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