Power Tiller WM 1000

Technical Specifications of the Power Tiller WM1000
• Model number: WM1000
• Colour: red
• Arbour configuration: vertical shaft
• Traction type: semi hanging
• Operation: soil preparation, continuous running
• Body size: 1600x700x1000 mm
• Net weight: 95 Kgs
• Tilling width: 700 mm
• Tilling depth: less than or equal to 100 mm
• Gears: -1,0,1,2,3
• Transmission method: Gears
• Fuel tank capacity: 0.6 litres


Product Overview
A power tiller is an agricultural equipment that is used for cultivation on wet soils. It is perfect for smallholder farms. It is a replacement for animal power. A power tiller performs various operations like levelling, trailing, ploughing, threshing, puddling, etc.
Uses and Benefits of a Power Tiller
• It is a tilling equipment powered by a diesel engine
• Widely used in cultivation and garden maintenance
• Easy to operate and maintain
• Results in greater outputs
• Light-weight and compact structure
• Used in ditching and earthing up
• Depth of ploughing can be adjusted for shallow or deep ploughing
• Warms the soil
• Controls weeds
Usage in Kenya
Smallholder African farmers can benefit from the usage of this compact and easy to carry Power tiller that makes tillage easier than ever. Get your hands on your very own power tiller by getting in touch with Tractors Pk, the leading tractor company in Africa.



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