Wheat / Rice Reaper

Cutting Width 7.5Ft
No of Blades 29
Weight with Kit 275Kgs
Maximum length 7.8 ft
Source of power up 25 hp
Cutting width 7.5 feet
Maximum Width 2.37ft
Maximum Height 2.37Ft

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A reaper is a farm implement that is considered to be a reliable partner of farmers while harvesting crops. Wheat/rice reaper is the most commonly used farm equipment for the purpose of reaping ready to harvest crops. This farm implement is easily attachable to the tractor and works by cutting through the rice or wheat crops. The reaper cuts down rice or wheat panicles, push them on a side, and drips them through a window which ensures easy collection. This agricultural machinery is known to do a lot of work in less time and with consuming less labor force. You can find a high-quality wheat/rice reaper at Tractors PK at affordable pricing for enhancing the productivity and quality of grain at your farm.