Commercial Road Sweeper

Technical Specifications of a Commercial Road Sweeper
• Power source: Tractor PTO
• Robust design
• Mechanical
• European origin hydraulic and pneumatic components
• Minimum machine downtime
• Tractor compatibility: 45 HP
• Comes with a six-month warranty


Product Overview
A commercial road sweeper of the best quality is available for sale at Tractors Pk. It is used for cleaning roads, any kinds of hard surfaces, production floors, etc.
Uses and Benefits of a Commercial Road Sweeper
• It is a tractor towed mechanical equipment
• It sweeps roads
• It has several cleaning controls like, the speed of broom rotation, water pressure, and the broom height adjustment, which can help clean any surface effectively
• It can be easily detached
• Can be used for other applications as well
• It is a cost-effective equipment.
Usage in Kenya
African terrain conditions are rougher than that of Europe or USA, and this commercial road sweeper was constructed keeping that in mind. It can work well in African rough terrains and different climatic conditions. It can work on alleys, as well as narrow roads. African farmers can purchase their commercial road sweepers from trusted tractor dealers in Africa to enable them to operate without facing any setbacks whatsoever.


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