Fodder Chopper with Hammer Mill (Electric)

Technical Specifications
• Constructed with new cutting technology
• Maximum capacity: 1 ton per hour
• Raw material: straw grass
• Core components: gear
• Voltage: 380 V
• Power: 2.7-3KW
• Engine: electric motor


Product Overview
Livestock is a major component of some farmers’ lives. Getting enough and quality fodder can be challenging sometimes for livestock farmers. Dairy farmers can use fodder chopper with hammer mill to prevent grass from going to waste and to chop it efficiently. It is a mechanical equipment that cuts hay and straw into small pieces to feed the cattle. It helps improve animals’ digestion as well.
Uses and Benefits of an Electric Fodder Chopper with Hammer Mill
• Cuts grains into coarse material
• Improves the nutritional value of fodder
• Hammer mill cuts particles into various sizes
• It is a multifunctional machine as it can cut green fodder and grind grains
• It is safe to operate
• It produces low noise
Usage in Kenya
African farmers can use the electric fodder chopper with hammer mill as it is a multifunctional agricultural equipment. It will cut fodder into various sizes as required. It will aid in animals’ digestion and they will not reject food. You can purchase your very own electric fodder chopper and hammer mill from Tractors PK, a reliable tractor company in Africa.


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