Fodder Cutter (tractor pulled)

Technical Specifications of a Tractor Pulled Fodder Cutter
• Number of discs: 2
• Number of knives
• Tractor PTO: 540 rpm
• Tractor compatibility: above 50 HP
• Two counter rotating drums


Product Overview
A tractor pulled fodder cutter is mounted to a tractor’s rear on the side. It is most suitable for cutting oats and beseem fodders.
Uses and Benefits of a Tractor Pulled Fodder Cutter
• It cuts cost of operation
• Saves time up to 70-80% as compared to cutting fodder manually
• Promotes speedy work in dairy farms
• It is a reliable machine
Usage in Kenya
African farmers who have limited time to chop the fodder can make use of this tractor pulled fodder cutter which cuts the manual fodder chopping time in half. Manually chopping fodder is a very laborious task and involves a lot of time. But dairy farmers in Africa can save time and minimise wastage by using a fodder cutter to cut the fodder for their livestock which will help the cattle produce more milk and improve the livelihoods of farmers. You can purchase this agricultural equipment from Tractors PK in Africa.



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