Light Weight Disc Harrow

Technical Specifications of Light Weight Disc Harrow

  • Number of discs: 14 discs
  • Disc size: 61 cm (24”)
  • Weight: 590 kgs
  • Working width: 145 cm (57”)
  • Tractor compatibility: 50 HP.


Light Weight Disc Harrow Overview

The light weight disc harrow is available at Tractors PK and is used for the preparation of seed beds. It keeps the soil in granular form and eliminates weeds. It can also be used for primary tillage in sandy soils. By manipulating the angles of the gauges, one can regulate the ploughing depth.

Uses and Benefits of a Light-weight Disc Harrow

  • Breaks down large clods in hard grounds
  • An ideal implement for mixing and chopping crop residues and stubbles
  • Helps eradicate incorporate residue completely that remains after the use of a primary disc harrow, due to its light weight
  • Loosens the remaining packed soil
  • Eradicates clumps
  • Chops up remaining stover from previous crops via the notched disc blades
  • Makes the land easier to manage

Light Weight Disc Harrow Usage in Kenya

A disc harrow decreases acid saturation in the top soil, hence it promotes a healthy and strong development of roots. African farmers perform deep tillage of land with the help of disc harrows available at Tractors PK, a tractor company in Africa.


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