Multi Crop Thresher

Technical Specifications of a Multi Crop Thresher
• PTO driven automatic thresher with double blower
• Capacity: 1200 kg per hour
• Efficiency: 93-97%
• High quality 100 steel cutters
• Cleaning efficiency: 96%
• Tractor compatibility: 50 HP
• Feeding start wheels: 7
• Number of sieves: 3
• Number of cutters: 104-128
• Height: 6 ft.
• Length of drum: 4.5-5.5 ft.
• Width of drum: 48
• Number of pulley: 8
• Number of belts: 8
• Two big wheels: 32”
• One small wheel: 25”
• Overall length: 12 ft.
• Overall width: 5 ft.
• Overall height: 6 ft.
• PTO speed: 540 rpm
• Fuel consumption: 7-7.5 litre per hour


Product Overview
A multi crop thresher available at Tractors Pk, is used for threshing wheat and other grains. It is implemented to a tractor for threshing grains and can thresh crops up to 75 times faster as compared to manual threshing. It can thresh several crops, including, maize, sorghum, beans, etc.
Uses and Benefits of a Multi Crop Thresher
• It is an engine driven farm equipment
• Smallholder farmers can utilise it to thresh crops they commonly grow
• It leads to higher productivity
• It is time-saving and labour-saving
• Improves working and living conditions of small-scale farmers
• Leads to more productive and sustainable farming practices
• Increased outputs to strengthen rural livelihoods
• Multi-functional, low-cost and portable
Usage in Kenya
Smallholder farms that adopt modern technology instead of relying on manual methods of farming, have experienced higher yields. A multi crop thresher available at Tractors PK, is a farm equipment that threshes several different types of crops and saves time and costs, and minimises post harvest losses considerably.


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