Tractor Cabin

Technical Specifications of a Tractor Cabin
• High anti-rust resistant
• Tempered glass
• Openable windshield
• Openable rear glass
• Left side rear view mirror
• Front works headlights
• Electric front wiper
• Lining under roof


Product Overview
A tractor cabin is a tractor accessory. It provides comfort to a tractor operator and protects him from dust, noise, vibrations and other such adversities.
Uses and Benefits of a Tractor Cabin
• A tractor cabin provides a clean environment for the operator
• It protects operator from grass clippings, dust, debris, etc.
• A tractor operator can use air-conditioning and shelter to protect himself from the heat , or he can use a heater during the cold months.
• Can block direct sunlight.
Usage in Kenya
Most African countries have a very hot climate, hence African farmers can protect themselves from heat and direct sunlight by investing into a tractor cabin available at Tractors PK.


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